Easy Tactics To Organise A Promotional Event Perfectly!

A business often demands some bash and events to promote it! Every business owner wants her/his business to be in the news and minds of the people in a positive way. For some brands, visibility in the page 3 circuit is important, for some, being a topic of conversation in the social circles matter much. But one thing is common – every business aspires to leave an indelible impression of people’s minds. Thus, comes the need of planning promotional events to connect and spread the network. Promotional events can be of different kinds. But in most, these events are basically where you invite lots of guests to know you better, discuss some important matter, launch some of your new products or services, and add some dose of entertainment and hospitality. With so much to cover in a short span of 2/3 hours, organising such events can be a tedious task! You have to be absolutely perfect in each and everything, as it involves your brand’s name and the goodwill may get affected because of a slight mistake.

Some tips that can help you organise the promotional event exceptionally well!

Organising a formal event requires teamwork rather than an individual effort. Make sure to form a team first, and delegate tasks. After that, follow the below guidelines and work accordingly to achieve your purpose easily:

  • Pre-plan everything—  Planning is the key step for any successful event. Make sure you are preparing a month well in advance before the event. Jot down the important points to cover during this time. Make a list, from the time schedule of the event to the catering orders – nothing should be missed. Everything should be penned down so that you don’t miss any of the vital aspects during this phase. Also, prepare a tentative budget of the same alongside too. This would make you realise where you have to stop and how much you can pay for a certain service.
  • Promotional accessories— There would be a lot of accessories needed in an event. You’ll need banners, props, personalised bags, gift boxes, books, pens, etc for the event. Make sure to order the same in required quantity at least a fortnight before the event, so that these get delivered on time.  If you want your brand name to be highlighted largely, have it embedded on almost all the things. Like the sticker on the water bottle or even the gift favours like takeaway coffee cups! Levella  Promotions are great in personalising such products for promotional purposes. You just have to let them know your ideas and requirements, and they’ll work out the best promotional stuff for you and deliver it to you before time.
  • Send out the invitation cards— You have to be really creative in designing your invitation cards, which should tempt the guests to attend it, and also keep them excited to know what’s in store for them! Be sure to invite all the important personalities and add a personal note along with the printed invitation for that extra mileage.
  • Invite guest speakers and panel members— Promotional events do demand some motivational stories and a panel discussion relevant to the brand’s image. Invite these motivational personalities and also highlight their names in your invitation cards for more awareness and interest in the event among people.
  • Pick the best venue — Your venue is of utmost importance for such an essential event. Whether it’s a banquet hall or spacious meeting room at a five star hotel, be sure the place would be enough for the comfort of all your guests. There should also be valet parking available along with a generous dining  space. Put up your personalised hoardings and props at the entrance and near the stage to let your guests find you easily.
  • Hire the best catering service — You obviously can’t starve your guests after such a long event. Food and drinks are essential. Go for a lavish or basic buffet spread for your guests according to your company’s budget. Ensure it’s served properly and the guests are given enough attention by the serving team.
  • Hampers and gifts — Gifts at the end of any event would create a happy vibe amongst the guests. You can beautifully wrap up some personalised product (like a mug with your brand name) and gift it to your guests, or let them try out your newly launched product and pack that as a gift. But be sure to be humble and thankful to them for attending your event!
  • Media coverage — Calling the press may be stressful, but it’s necessary too! They are the ones who shall spread the word like wildfire. As it’s a promotional event, you have to get it photographed and recorded by professionals, let the media know about it and also call upon some bloggers to write about it. Ensure that your PR team has a press release ready so as to avoid miscommunication.

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