10, 13, or 19mm Shoestring Custom Lanyard H-L102.10

Product Code: H-L102.10
Product Description: Shoe string lanyards are made from tubular polyester and are ironed flat. Same look and feel of polyester lanyards, but more dimensional and “thicker”. 457mm Long.

Colours: Red PMS 193, Orange PMS 021, Process Yellow, Green PMS 355, Forest Green PMS 3425, Teal PMS 327, Navy Blue PMS 281, Reflex Blue, Royal Blue PMS 286, Light Blue PMS 291, Purple PMS 266, Burgundy PMS 195, Brown PMS 4625, Gray PMS 429, White and Black
Lead time: 12 business days
Size: 10mm, 13mm or 19mm wide x 457mm long
Printing Details: Screen / Pad imprint / Foam Raised Imprint / Glow in the Dark
Minimum order: 300


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