(CLEARANCE – Check stock) BioGreen Flag and Adhesive Note Set H-T493e


Product Code: H-T493e
Product Description: This biodegradable plastic case stores 8 different brightly coloured adhesive tabs and 2 different sized adhesive notepads. Open the swinging door to access the tabs and note pads. The colourful adhesive flags come in orange, fuschia, blue, pink, hot pink, green, purple and yellow. The adhesive notepads come in green and yellow. BioGreen products are made from environmentally friendly plastic which will biodegrade in a regular landfill within 18-60 months. BioGreen products are perfect for any eco friendly program. We can make just about any plastic item with BioGreen, so ask your Rep if we can manufacture or source a product made from BioGreen today.
Colours: Blue
Lead time: 10 business days
Size: 104mm W x 130mm H
Printing Details:
Minimum order: 150

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