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  • This famous blend of herbs helps foster a luminous glow
  • Savoury in taste
  • Start the day with a cleanse
  • Yes, it does work!

This is Tea Tonics original tea and is still our best seller. 

A gentle daily cleanse for the blood, liver & lymphatics.  Start the day with it This tea should be added to everyones daily routine, its like a gentle shower for your insides. Drink it for problematic skin issues or just to create that extra luminous glow to your skin.  

Note: Every cup of tea will provide you with 10% of your RDI of iron, add a slice of lemon to this tea to achieve even higher absorption.  

Ingredients: Red Clover (trifolium pratense), Nettle (urtica dioica), Dandelion Leaf (taraxacum officinale), Calendula (calendula officinale), Burdock (arctium lappa).

Flavour: A savoury herbal taste 

Preparation: Place 1-2 teaspoons in a teapot. Add boiling water and allow to steep for 7-10 minutes for desired strength. Serve hot or cold with honey or lemon to taste. Serve without milk.

Size: Caddy Tin contains 100g of tea.


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