Cooling Face Cloth Sl D-CT003

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1. Material: 100% polyester + imported cooling fiber
2. Gently wringing the wet towel out and shaking several times, only few seconds become cool
3. Single layer fabric, light weight, refreshing
4. Normal temperature water even 90 degree hot water, and sweat can generate cooling effect just in few seconds
5. Machine washable
6. Works great for sports, outdoor activities and hot environment works
7. Do not bleach the towel, it may damage the fabric
8. Do not leave the towel in high temperature/high humidity for a long time
9. The edge of the towel my become loose and curl after long washing or use
10. Do not fold when it is hard, simply wet it to soften
11. Do not put it in dryer

Lead Times: 10 Business Days

Colours: Black, White, Blue, Purple, Pink

Printing Details: Screen print, Digital transfer

Minimum Order: 100


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