Kyoto 3 in 1 Cable Keyring H-FD834

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Product Code: H-FD834
Product Description: This neat charging cable is compatible with all smartphones and allows you to charge your device and sync data. A compact, versatile everyday item which fits on a robust keyring, the Kyoto 3-in-1 charger cable allows for branding on the cable strap and on the main connector area. Plug the USB 2.0 connector side into a power source to activate the charge. This product has a Lightning, Micro USB and Type C USB connectors to make it a truly universal charger cable.TPE, ABS plastic, micro USB/USB-C/lightning.
Colours: Rubber black plastic white
Lead time: 19 business days
Size: 31.84×13.5mm
Printing Details: Silk Screen / Silk Screen On The Box
Minimum order: 500


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