Coffee is bae! Almost everyone around the globe would agree. And that is the reason coffee mugs, caffeine products and even keep cups are great options for gifting and also for promotional marketing strategies. Apart from this, many business owners present the same to their workers and keep it in their offices not only for their employees but for guests too. Imagine how professional your brand shall come across if your guests and employees alike are served refreshments in branded cups!

If you are a business owner and want to provide your employees the keep cups as token, then you have got this great option to get it customised from Levella Promotions manufacturing keep cups in Australia which are of an excellent quality and has your logo (and/or any other message you want to write) nicely printed on it. This wouldn’t just please your employees, but also leads to an indirect promotion of your company too.

Quick Tips to Choose the Best Keep Cups for Your Employees!

Buying and customising a keep cup is a wise decision for various purposes – like, gifting, mementoes and brand promotions. But if these aren’t of good quality or are not printed well, then your purpose of distributing these promotional products in Brisbane can go in vain. To ensure you are getting the best of these, read and check the below-mentioned tips to get your hands on the best keep cups!

1. Spill-Proof lid

We all love coffee, but absolutely dread coffee spills. Especially in your workwear. That’s why when you are choosing a keep cup, make sure that the lids are spill-proof. Most of the companies do ensure you that their lids are pretty tight, but these do fail the test when coffees are poured into them. So, to play it safer, select the one with double-layered rubber lids for better fitting and closure.

2. Lightweight

If you are choosing a keep cup, ensure it’s easily portable. Gone are the days when these cups used to be made of steel or glass. The modern trend is in favour of lightweight Borosilite glass cups with sleeves and cover made of silicone. These are strong and lightweight, insulated — so your cups are going to be easy to carry and to enjoy your beverage too.

3. Shatter and Break Proof

Most of the time, these keep cups are reusable and therefore are made up of shatterproof materials. Confirm the same from your manufacturer – because the generation on the go will find a keep cup useless if it cracks easily (say, ceramic or glass).

4. Retains Heat

Not all can gulp coffee at one go. And no one would like to sip on coffee turned cold and flavourless! Therefore, ensure you get keep cups which can retain heat for longer. For that purpose, it would be wise to select a cup with a layered body which acts as insulation.

5. No Loss of Flavour and Taste

Loss of taste and flavour of the drink after some time (say, in stainless steel) or when the coffee cools down is something that no one shall want. Now you can get various materials like fibre, plastic, and other new-age materials like silicon and Borosilite, etc. which neither react with your container nor change the taste of the liquid.

The market offers a plethora of keep up options in all budget ranges, designs, and materials. Now, the next time you go for ordering and customising your keep cups, ensure to read the above list just once and pick your choice accordingly.

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