To print or not to print…

With so many decoration options, it can get too confusing for people. ‘Decoration’ is the collective term for all types of decorating items, from printing, to engraving to embroidery.

With printing, mainly, there is pad print on merchandise or screen print on clothing. If your logo or artwork has lots of colours, or lots of fine detail, then digital print may be best, if you’re doing up to 3 or 4 colours, then pad printing is best. With Pad printing, you can do an exact PMS (pantone) match to replicate your logo to the exact colours, but with digital print, it’s more likely a close-PMS match. Similar, but might not always be an exact match. So, if you need your logo to be the exact colours, then pad or screen printing is the way to go.

The next thing to consider is cost. Pad or screen print is charged based on number of colours, and there is a set up fee per colour. Conversely, digital print may have a higher unit price, but the unit price doesn’t change per colour, and it has only one set up fee. Also, for digital print, the size of the print area can change the price. Therefore, screen or digital print cost will largely depend on what quantity you’re purchasing.  The more items you’re getting, the better screen print becomes.

Next is embroidery on clothing. Whilst you can screen print on clothing, embroidery is more permanent and can look awesome. Not suitable to finer detail and very costly if it’s a larger area, embroidery is suitable for small decoration areas, such as pocket sized on the front of a piece of clothing.  

Our team is always here to advise, recommend and brainstorm different options.

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