Budget Fidget Spinner D-FS001

Product Code: D-FS001

Product Description:This fun fidget spinner toy is designed for relieving stress and anxiety, it spins between fingers and improves focus, and alleviate boredom! The simple spinning action brings you a sensational pleasing addictive feeling. It rapidly becomes the hottest promotional product on the market. This spinner is made of ABS plastic and has a steel bearing in the centre, three arms are weighted with a piece of metal which helps the spinner rotating longer. Our spinners are CE certified and EN71 tested, complies with AS/NZS toy safety standard.

Colours:White | Black | Dark Blue | Light Blue | Red | Orange | Yellow | Pink | Purple | Green

Lead time: 7 Business Days

Size: Dia 75mm.

Printing Details: Pad Print/Direct Digital

Minimum order: 100


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