Hex Pens (Stocked Offshore) H-FD70XLS

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Product Code: H-FD70XLS
Product Description: Symmetrically designed Stylus Hex pens offer geometric bliss at your fingertips. The straight lines of these pens are broken by chrome circles and offset with a beautiful partially forged hexagon clip. In nature the organic resemblance of the hexagon shape to those found in hives make it easy to understand why this shape is used to convey communication, unity and group accomplishment. This model has been enhanced with a stylus adding versatility and keeping on trend with the tech world. Each pen is equipped with a Cross type 1mm German black ink refill which includes a Tungsten carbide ball for a smooth, non-skip writing experience. Pen refills have been filled and standardised to average a writing distance of pproximately 1300 metres. Ballpoint pens should be stored on their side or facing down, enabling the TC ball to trap in moisture and deter the entry of air. Each Stylus Hex pen is crafted from high quality brass, stainless steel and ABS thermoplastic.
Colours: Rubberised Black with Chrome Accents
Lead time: 10 business days
Size: 145mm L x 9.5mm Diameter
Printing Details: Mirror Laser Engrave / Include Black Cylinder Gift Box
Minimum order: 250


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