Midnight Garden Picnic Rug H-D216

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Product Description: A picnic in your favourite park. Fish & chips on the beach at sunset. The Midnight Garden Picnic Rug is the perfect addition to any outdoor entertainment setting. Available in three fabulous designs, this picnic blanket features a waterproof backing and is made from polar fleece fabric. Additionally, the picnic blanket folds back into fits attached case with a Velcro close. The Midnight Garden is a huge 180cm in diameter so if perfect for any family or a couple with a big appetite.

Product Features:

• Available in 3 different designs
• Folds back into the attached case
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Shorter carry handle
• 180cm diameter
• Velcro closure
• Waterproof backing

Product Dimensions: 180cm in diameter

Lead Times: 24 hours to 10 business days (ask if needed sooner)

Colours: Blue, Brown, Gray

Minimum Order: 25


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