Osha Laundry Bag H-B117

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Product Code:  H-B117

Product Description:  Designed specifically for environments that deal with high levels of washing on a weekly basis, our Osha Mesh Laundry Bag has been manufactured to last. Using high tension and strong 100% polyester construction, each bag can be secured with a zipper for the contained and hygienic transportation of your delicate garments. Each bag can withstand the high temperatures found within washing machines – allowing you to deposit the bag in its entirety within your load. So, keep it clean with Osha’s long-lasting and durable construction, brand up today!

For digital transfer printing, please ensure art and colours are at full opacity.

Product Dimensions: 240mm W x 296mm H

Lead Times: 24 hours to 10 business days (ask if needed sooner)

Colour: White

Minimum Order: 250


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