Promotions and marketing, the thumb rule for success of any business! All it requires is a lot of creativity, some effort and beautifully designed logo. These will make you stand out from the clutter, make your brand known better by the masses and also gain more than your competitors. But marketing is all about knowing different tactics to attract customers too. 

Distributing promotional products or freebies is one such tactic that has been used largely by major brands to create better brand awareness. This includes getting some products personalised and tagged with your company logo and some details of your business, and then giving them away to common people. This in turn benefits the distributors largely by not only increasing the brand awareness, but also bringing in customer loyalty and also spreading good word about the brand. 

Which products are the best to distribute for promotional marketing?

It’s totally up to the brand’s budget and personal choice as to what you would like to giveaway, but some products are favourites by the consumers, and also leave a better impact on them. Let’s read about these below:

Mugs or cups — Personalised keep cups from Levella promotions are one of the best choices for distributing to your consumers. These are of exclusive colours, are of great quality and they even design it beautifully according to your needs. These come within budget even for the small-time businessmen, and thus are a cost effective product too. As a mug or cup is utilised by a consumer daily, it leads to daily reminder about your brand too.

Calendars—A calendar is what’s there at everyone’s table or wall for a whole year. It gives you 12 pages of display and text areas to talk about your brand. Naturally, calendars can easily aid in brand awareness and goodwill creation.  

Bottles and sippers — This one is very suitable if your brand is health or beverage related. Or if you have a low budget, go for the bottles. These can be easily personalised by the colour that matches your brand’s logo and you can print your details in the front side. Voila! Your product is ready.

Pens and notebooks — The products which are mostly distributed at events or meetings are pens and notebooks. These pens and books are largely used for marketing by most of the brands. But, these can be short lived as the books and pens are prone to wear and tear, and are known to get lost easily. 

Photo frames — Photo frames are again one of the most preferred accessories for giveaway. You can have it made by any material from cardboard to plastic or wooden frames (depending on your budget). Your brand’s logo and name find place at the borders of the frame. Make them discreet so as not to affect the aesthetics of the frame, and to let the person’s picture take the centre stage.

Customised tote bags — Tote bags are again one of the favourites of consumers. These can be customised according to your brand’s colour. As it’s a tote bag, this can be preferred mostly if your consumers are largely females.

Customised USB pen drives —The more useful a product is, the more promotion it gives to your brand. USB Pen drives are one of the most useful products in today’s digital world, and hence it can be extremely popular too. As it stays longer with the customers, your brand name stays near the users for a longer time. 

T shirts — Even T-shirts are the most common preference when it comes to marketing through products. These t-shirts carry the colour of your brand highlighting your brand on both sides (front and back of the garment). It’s like a walking newspaper, as apart from the user, even the people coming in contact with the person wearing t-shirt read about the brand too. 

Hand bands — Hand bands are pretty popular with people leading an active lifestyle. Though the name imprinted on the same can be very light and tiny, but it stays longer with the user. This can make it a long lasting promotion. 

CapsCap is another such gear that can be used wisely for promotional marketing. This can be really affordable and largely worn by consumers for a long time. 

Apart from these, you can even distribute edible food items or juices that are packed in your customised packs and boxes. But these again can be short lived, since they are perishable. Some other popular items used for branding are — wall clocks, plastic ware, luggage etc. – the choices are many, select one that resonates with your brand.  

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