How to choose the colours for your promotional product

Colour me happy!

So you have a logo, and you’ve decided on a font. Now what are you doing about colour?

You can’t underestimate how important colour is to your corporate branding. Did you know that studies have shown that people can recognise a brand, just by seeing its colour? Some companies even go to great lengths to trademark their specific colour?

You would want to, too, if people could recognise your branding just by seeing the exact same colour match! Frequently we may ask you if the colours for your promotional product are CMYK or PMS (Pantone Matching System) and this question can often result in confusion.

PMS is used in a variety of industries, such as printing, paint, fabric, and plastics. By standardizing the colours, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colours match without direct contact with one another.

Check out our Pantone Colours tab above, or click here.

There are also quite a few very explanatory You Tube clips that can help. Here is a quick 90 seconds example.

Whilst there is a different colour coded number for each PMS, for CMYK, there is a lot of mixing and matching of ink dye percentages to make a colour resemble its PMS number.

Did you also know that colours can add to the cost of printing your products? Next time you feel like designing a colourful logo, remember that for standard promotional print jobs, you are paying per colour (But for standard full colour print jobs, like stationery, paper, and fridge magnets, most of the time you can print multiple colours without paying extra).

It is a colourful world after all!

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