Best ideas that could give you maximum fruits from your products for promotional marketing!

Like we said, almost all brands distribute products for promotions. And you just don’t want to be like anybody. You cannot let your brand feel lost in the sea of brands – you constantly crave and aim to stand out from your competitors. To evolve from the clutter, make sure that you are following the below quirky tips that would result in the best customer attraction and favoritism for your brand.

  • Set Your Goal — Every brand has a different objective in promoting their business through goodies. You shouldn’t distribute the goodies just because your competitor is doing the same. There should be a definite objective for the same. Levella Promotions customizes reusable takeaway coffee cups and a plethora of other promotional products – from fridge magnets to stationeries, from phone accessories to tableware, and many more – to help you retain existing customers and convert potential prospects to clients. So, how could you effectively send your promotional product? If you want to create a buzz about a newly launched product, say a coffee or a readymade pancake mix, you can customize a coffee cup with the picture of the new product, your logo and brand’s message, and put (if possible) mini versions of the product (say, a sachet of coffee, or the new pancake mix, etc.) in it.
  • Pick Products Relevant to your Business — It’s very important to select products that somehow relate to your business. This would indirectly instigate your customers to be attracted to your brand. For example, if you are a café, it’s best to distribute customized branded keep cups or glasses, if you are a bookstore, you may consider bookmarks and pens.
  • Choose the best quality — If you want to attract your customers, ensure that the products you are distributing are of great quality. Bad quality speaks ill about your brand. You definitely wouldn’t want to be a bad memory in your customer’s mind.
  • Set a specific distribution plan — For best exposure and better results, don’t just distribute your products like pamphlets to any Tom, Dick, and Harry. Create a specific distribution plan and send it across the goodies accordingly. Like, you can select only specific criteria of people – like, parents for promoting baby products, or students for a backpack or stationery giveaway. Or simply send it to the ones who subscribe to your company mail trail or channel, etc.
  • Deliver with an Attractive Theme — Want your customers to go crazy about your products? Ensure these are presented enticingly to them. When the world has gone so much social, almost all such freebies are highlighted on social media, which again attracts more such customers towards you. So, make sure you select a certain theme that matches your brand and service as you distribute the goodies.These practices are sure to attract and impress all your customers who receive the goodies and would serve the purpose of brand recognition and awareness. And bonus? It would spread the good word about your brand and your generosity like fire in a jungle.